Loss pf speech in speakup when switching from gui

Chris Brannon chris at the-brannons.com
Sun Oct 7 21:57:35 EDT 2018

Keith Barrett <lists at barrettpianos.co.uk> writes:

> Hello,
> Has any one else noticed this:
> Switching between speakup in the console  and the desktop eventually
> cause speakup to stop speaking.

A friend of mine had a very similar issue.  Speakup would stop working
when dropping back to the console after starting X.  The setup was
different: Arch Linux with pulseaudio.  He fixed it by removing
espeak-ng and installing the old espeak 1.48.04 package.  He recompiled
his espeak to work with pulseaudio, since there's an outstanding bug in
the Arch Linux espeak package.  I have no idea why this fixed his
problem; all I know is that it did.

He spent some time tracking it down.  Speakup itself was not being
killed or disabled.  You could tell that speakup was still functioning
by bouncing into the console and using the review keys.  The review keys
were making the console bleeps that speakup makes, AKA speakup music.
The espeakup process was not dying.  However, the combo of speakup and
espeakup was going silent.

Hope this is useful to you,
-- Chris

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