Unraid, freeNAS

Kirk Reiser kirk at reisers.ca
Fri May 11 19:26:15 EDT 2018

I think you might want to give us more information on exactly what you
wish to accomplish. How much storage do you need/want? What types of
devices need/want access to the storage. I could think of other
questions but that should make my point.

The simple solutions would be to use btsync, syncthing or owncloud. If
you need storage you don't have then consider buying an external usb
drive and tie it to your network through a linux machine. If you want
to buy something like the MyBook World by Western Digital they can be
connected directly to your LAN.

On Fri, 11 May 2018, Rob wrote:

> I'm looking at building a network attached storage solution. In googling around, the two OS options I seem to run across most often are Unraid (payware) and freNAS (freeware.)
> Does anyone have experience with installing these and getting them up and running? Once installed, all administration can be done over a webUI but I'm not sure if you can use ssh or something to run the actual install process.
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