cannot load speakup_decext module

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Sun Feb 18 02:51:40 EST 2018


As I said, you need the speakup_dectlk module. The Dectalk Express is an exclusively serial device. The internal board you’re thinking of was called the Dectalk PC, and uses an entirely unrelated Speakup driver.
You might also want to look into upgrading your kernel, as there was apparently some problem with serial polling which was resolved in the later builds.


> On Feb 18, 2018, at 7:42 AM, Rudy Vener <salt at> wrote:
> My synthesizer says Digital DecTalk Express on its case.
> It is a flat, rectangular box about eight inches by four inches by   
> one inch high. It has a cable with a DB-9F connector that       plugs
> into an external RS-232 Serial port.
> It has a   volume control, a built in speaker,    and a headphone 
> jack.
> I thought this was an external Dectalk Express because it sat 
> outside the PC  and does not plug into an expansion slot.
> I  thought the speakup_dectlk module was for the Dectalk Express 
> cards that did plug into PC expansion slots.
> But now  I am just       confused. It does not take much to confuse me.
> If there is someone out there who is using a  Dectalk like the 
> one I just described   with speakup, please contact
> me,  and tell me how you did it.
> Thank you.
> Rudy
> On Sat, Feb 17, 2018 at 12:00:02PM -0500, speakup-request at wrote:
>> Rudy,
>> If your model is, indeed, a DecTalk Express, you need the speakup_dectlk module, not the speakup_decext module. The latter is for the pre-Express original Dectalk, which I???ve never actually seen. Hopefully this goes some way towards solving your problem.
>> Best,
>> Zack.
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