Debian Stretch and speakup Aren't Playing Nicely.

Martin McCormick martin.m at
Wed Dec 19 08:04:22 EST 2018

	Thank you very much.  I probably missed the update and
that is exactly what is wrong, here.  I knew I needed to install
an upgraded version of speakup as the problems coincided exactly
with the upgrade.  Before I do this, this system is an older
600 MHZ 32-bit processor.  The Debian image I downloaded was
stretch for the I86 systems. 

	Does this even matter?

Again, thanks.


Samuel Thibault <samuel.thibault at> writes:
> Hello,
> As mentioned on the debian-accessibility mailing list last month, there
> is an issue in version 1:0.80-5+deb9u2, you can use version
> 1:0.80-5+deb9u3 which is available on
> as well as in the stretch-proposed-updates distribution, to be included
> in next stretch point release.
> Samuel

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