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Fri Sep 1 11:25:12 EDT 2017


On Fri, Sep 1, 2017 at 12:44 AM, Samuel Thibault
<samuel.thibault at> wrote:
> Hello,
> Okash Khawaja, on jeu. 31 août 2017 19:21:59 +0100, wrote:
>> speakup module will be pre-requisite for speakup_usb_serial so it
>> will already be in memory when following flow starts from inside
>> speakup_usb_serial.
> Right, that's a good thing indeed, because that makes a place where to
> store the major/minor information.
> I'd say it could be done this way:
> - add dev variable to the speakup module, initialized to NULL
> - when a USB speakup driver gets loaded, it sets ser and dev in the
>   speakup module, and then loads the driver module, and if not started
>   yet, starts it.
> - when synth_init sees that speakup's dev variable is non-NULL, use that
>   instead of the module parameters.

Okay this is a simpler approach so I'll use it. One thing I'll add is
to also add a synth_name variable to speakup. When setting dev we also
set synth_name so that dev override doesn't happen for some other
synth module that gets accidentally loaded between us setting
speakup's dev and us loading the synth driver module. Highly unlikely
but can potentially brick a synth, e.g. during testing.


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