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It's possible to pin pulseaudio so it never returns and you will of 
course have alsa only issues with which to deal afterwards.

On Thu, 26 Oct 2017, Kirk Reiser wrote:

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> Hey Craig: The only time I see that behaviour is when pulseaudio is running 
> and it gets in the way of multiple audio streams. To check if that's the case 
> you can:
> ps aux | grep pulse
> And kill it off it pulseaudio is running. You should also check to see
> if there is a pulseaudio.conf or something like that in
> /usr/share/alsa/ and remove it which will prevent alsa from restarting
> it.
> That's my only suggestion. You can try removing the pulseaudio package
> but it is a dependency for a lot of other packages so will probably be
> reinstalled on future apt upgrades.
> On Thu, 26 Oct 2017, Craig Martin wrote:
>>  Hi, guys,
>>  I have a weird thing going on.  When I start M player, it runs through
>>  the file o.k, but nothing comes out of the speakers, and all my speech
>>  goes away in my text consoles.
>>  I'm running Wheezy Debian Seven sixty-four-bit.  What say you?
>>  Craig Martin
>>  ky0o at
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