DecTalk in Ubuntu?

Chime Hart chime at
Fri Nov 3 23:29:25 EDT 2017

Well, we were not successful getting the DecTalk running in Debian9, but here in 
Ubuntu17.10  we had luck. No glitches, however, seems slightly sluggish while 
reviewing line-by-line down a screen.
I cannot edit any of the files in /sys/accessibility where the DecTalk files are 
located, says something about swop and permission denyed, even with a root 
password. I thought maybe I could ajust a cursor delay time. But in reality I 
want to run a command to increase the inflection in the DecTalk, but I cannot. 
If its a simple as a chmod 755 or 644  I can try those, but I would rather not 
ruin something before I hear from some of you here.
Thanks so much in advance

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