Testers wanted for BATS talking rescue CD

Glenn At Home GlennErvin at cableone.net
Tue May 16 19:38:35 EDT 2017

I thought that since there was games on the distro, why not a typing 
There are a couple in Windows for Blind users, like Talking Typing Teacher, 
and Type-Ability.
But an accessible Linux-based typing program would be useful, and help the 
Blind to type.
The Blind need typing skills more than the sighted do, because we cannot 
really "hunt and peck".
So although I don't know of any typing programs for Linux, I thought someone 
might know.
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First, do you have the name of a package in mind? Just saying "a typing
program" isn't very helpful. They could just run nano and type in a text 

I know I'm missing something here, but how does this apply to a live/rescue
CD? I guess you could have your clients boot the CD every time they want to
practice typing, but wouldn't it be better to install a regular distro on a
hard drive? I appreciate the suggestion, but I don't understand. Please
explain further.

On 5/14/2017 3:33 PM, Glenn At Home wrote:
> A good one to add IMO is a typing program.
> It would be nice for my clients who need to practice their typing skills, 
> or
> just plain learn to type.
> Glenn 

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