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Tom Fowle wa6ivgtf at
Thu May 4 21:13:13 EDT 2017

I've seen references to alt-pageup supposedly reviewing the command line
screen buffer, but only found it work rarely.

As for typing long names, tab completion helps if you get the first few
letters correct. 

And there is the speakup clip board which I couldn't live without

Tom Fowle

On Thu, May 04, 2017 at 10:12:58AM -0500, Chris Zenchenko wrote:
> Two questions.
> Is there a way to review info from a long output dump without requesting it
> again with a pipe to more or something similar?
> For example there are long menus that fill more than a single screen and I
> can't find a way to get speak-up to go past the top of the last screen.
> In those cases you can't use a pipe because you are not in control of the
> output.
> Second question.
> Is there an easy way to change in and out of folders or access files with
> long or complicated names?
> My memory ain't what it was.
> I'm constantly wanting to get in to a folder but after doing an ls command
> and reading carefully the insane names people use for names cd to nowhere
> because I typed the name wrong.
> Same for editing. There has to be some easy way to do this!
> I get that files and folders should have names that tell you as much as
> possible but the mix of letters and symbols along with the length is
> straining what little brain power I have left.
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