Fixing spelling spaces

Zahari Yurukov zahari.yurukov at
Mon Mar 20 09:44:48 EDT 2017


  Samuel Thibault wrote:
Mon, Mar 20, 2017 at 02:01:36AM +0100

> here is a proper fix.
Yes, this removes the spaces around capital letters.
Thank you very much! That was super annoying bug. 

It looks like though that doesn't get rid of all the extra spaces, i. e. when pressing Enter in bash..
I'm not sure that's exactly a bug, or if it could be prevented without
some hack, but it makes impression - it was noticed on the Vinux support
mailing list.

Say from top, Say to bottom or Say screen commands
 are OK -  spaces are read only on maximum punctuation, which I think is
 desirable. Actually, I might have made a mistake about them, misled by
 the punctuation level, though I don't remember how it was exactly
 before the espeakup patch.

I'll write if something else pops up.

Best wishes,

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