Several problems with the unicode support (was [patch 0/3] speakup: support 16bit unicode screen reading)

Samuel Thibault samuel.thibault at
Sun Mar 12 19:07:42 EDT 2017

Zahari Yurukov, on sam. 11 mars 2017 19:04:04 +0200, wrote:
> I didn't know about the direct mode - enabling it indeed fixes the problem, but has another unplesent effect - espeak doesn't read most characters, i.e. punctioation, space, etc.

That's not expected. Which version of espeakup are you using? Version
0.80 should be working fine in that regard.

> Why not force it for everything aboveextended ascii (256)?

That'd get an even more odd situation: characters below 256 would be
spoken in "english", while others would be spoken in the espeakup
language.  We should be able to just get the direct mode working fine
for everything.


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