[patch 0/8] staging: speakup: introduce tty-based comms

okash.khawaja at gmail.com okash.khawaja at gmail.com
Sun Mar 12 08:16:44 EDT 2017


This patchset introduces a TTY-based way for the synths to communicate
with devices as an alternate for direct serial comms used by the synths
at the moment. It then migrates some of the synths to the TTY-based
comms. Synths migrated in this patchset are dummy, acntsa, bns and

The last patch also migrates ltlk with some temporary modification which
means that initial info from synth won't be retried. This shouldn't affect
normal functionality of the synth. We won't be sending lkml migration
to LKML, however it will be good to test it here.

I have also added the "TODO: support more than ttyS*" next to MKDEV line in
spk_ttyio.c, which was discussed last time but I hadn't put in.

Finally, please note that these apply cleanly on top of the latest staging
tree, which includes unicode changes recently merged.


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