[patch 0/7] staging: speakup: introduce tty-based comms

Okash Khawaja okash.khawaja at gmail.com
Sun Mar 12 05:44:14 EDT 2017

On Sun, Mar 12, 2017 at 03:19:28AM +0100, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Hello,
> okash.khawaja at gmail.com, on sam. 11 mars 2017 13:05:24 +0000, wrote:
> > This patchset introduces a TTY-based way for the synths to communicate
> > with devices
> Cool!  We're getting close.  I believe that once the round of comments
> I have made are sorted out, we can push to the LKML, and see the TTY
> discussion begin :)

Sounds good. The TTY discussion will be interesting and surely a
entail a learning curve :) It's also better as I am settling into the
new job and flat, there will be less time tied up with house+job-move

Regarding quilt mail, it worked like charm. However, as you can see it
didn't thread the emails. Checking the headers of sent mails, I couldn't
find References header. So I have asked it on kernelnewbies and
quilt-dev mailing lists.

> Samuel

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