[patch 5/7] staging: speakup: move those functions which do outgoing serial comms, into serialio.c

Samuel Thibault samuel.thibault at ens-lyon.org
Sat Mar 11 21:14:54 EST 2017

okash.khawaja at gmail.com, on sam. 11 mars 2017 13:05:29 +0000, wrote:
> This moves spk_synth_immediate and spk_serial_synth_probe functions into
> serialio.c

I guess there is no code change in these functions?  Do say it in the
changelog :)

> This also renames spk_synth_immediate to spk_serial_synth_immediate.

Also mention that this fixes a couple of spots which were calling
spk_synth_immediate explicitly instead of going through the method.


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