OT installing nfbtrans on Debian

Samuel Thibault samuel.thibault at ens-lyon.org
Sat Mar 4 09:40:34 EST 2017

Frost, on ven. 03 mars 2017 08:20:36 -0800, wrote:
> Prolly won't happen in Debian

Never say never: nfbtrans has been on the TODO list on
http://wiki.debian.org/accessibility-devel/ for some time already. Just
nobody took the time to actually do it.

> as nfbtrans isn't fully GNU licensed or whatever.

Debian doesn't contain only GNU-licensed software. It contains whatever
is free software, which is way larger than what GNU accepts.  "Public
domain" being the licence of nfbtrans, there is nothing against
including it in Debian, except volunteer time.


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