speakup-r empty line lockup

Chris Brannon chris at the-brannons.com
Sat Jun 24 05:54:45 EDT 2017

Okash Khawaja <okash.khawaja at gmail.com> writes:

> The following patch resolves this by not simulating the keypress inside
> keyboard notifier callback but instead delegating it to cursor_timer. In
> the above chain, when get_sentence_buf returns -1, this patch starts
> timer and passes RA_DOWN_ARROW as argument. When timer handler runs and
> sees RA_DOWN_ARROW, it will then call kbd_fakekey2(RA_DOWN_ARROW) which
> will correctly simulate the keypress inside timer context. I've tested
> this succesfully.

I wrote the fakekey code back in 2010, but I don't remember details.
Your reasoning looks very, very sound, so you get my tentative

Reviewed-by: Chris Brannon <chris at the-brannons.com>

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