vm / speakup / debian?

Gregory Nowak greg at gregn.net
Mon Jun 19 22:10:23 EDT 2017

On Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 01:01:07PM -0400, Terry D. Cudney wrote:
>       1) why did you choose the xfce desktop?

Because that is the default desktop in devuan. I would have gone with
mate, except that depends on pulseaudio, which I don't want. Playing
with mate in a virtual machine to see if it is still useable once
pulseaudio is disabled is on my to-do list, but I haven't gotten there
yet. My problem with xfce is that thunar isn't totally
accessible. That can be replaced with tuxcmd for example, but that
still leaves me with a useless desktop, because I get no feedback when
moving between icons.

>       2) I have little experience with gui's in debian, everything has been speakup/cli. What screen review package do you use in a qt-based desktop?

I don't use a qt-based desktop, xfce and mate are based on
gtk2. However, qt applications like virtualbox do seem to be mostly
useable with orca.

>       3) why the virtualbox vm, over vmware/kvm/etc?

Because that's what I started out with since the 1.4.0 release, which I believe
was in 2006. KVM wasn't available back then as far as I recall. If it
was, then I wasn't aware of it, only of qemu. I do remember trying
qemu, and not liking something about it, but I don't remember what
that was anymore. I had no reason so far to switch away from
virtualbox, and so that's what I continue to use. I have briefly tried
kvm just to see what it's like. As for vmware, back in 2006 it was a
commercial product from what I recall, and wasn't open source.

>       4) have you run a windows guest on the debian host? any caveats there?

I haven't done so recently, but have run windows 7 a few years ago
with no issues that I can recall.


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