DecTalk External (decext) testers wanted!

Keith Barrett lists at
Thu Apr 13 18:49:59 EDT 2017


Following an online guide, I am getting complaints of invalid certificates.

Could this be because of the patching?  I only discovered this when 
running make.

Will try again in the morning but think I may need to start again.

Would be interested to know if any one on here is having better luck.

On 13/04/17 15:28, Okash Khawaja wrote:
> Hi Keith,
>> On 13 Apr 2017, at 14:27, Keith Barrett <lists at> wrote:
>>> 3. Configure:
>>> a. make sure you are inside kernel source root directory, i.e. linux-4.10.9
>>> b. make sure that existing kernel config exists: ls /boot/config-$(uname -r)
>> This resaults in a no such file or directory prompt.
>> I found /boot/config-4.9.0-2-amd64 and copied it.
> Right that's correct too. Usually Debian names config files like that and puts them in /boot but may be not in this case. Either way, as you've found, the aim is to get hold for current config and using it as base for  compiling the kernel.
>> (this should return just one file named config-<your-kernel-version>)
>>> c. copy that file into your kernel source root directory: cp
>>> /boot/config-$(uname -r) ./.config
>>> d. update the config: make oldconfig
>> scripts/basic/fisdep
>> bin/sh: 1: gcc: not found
>> scripts/ recipe for target scripts /basic/fisdep failed
>> script-basic error 2
> Looks like gcc is not installed?
>> I did a clean install of debian am64 for the test, using the latest release candidate.
> As a general note for steps 3 and 4, they are steps for compiling kernel, so other resources online will also apply.
> Cheers,
> Okash
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