DecTalk External (decext) testers wanted!

Okash Khawaja okash.khawaja at
Tue Apr 11 14:49:28 EDT 2017

Please be careful at step 4 as it may break your system. Even on
Debian based system, the steps I have mentioned are no guarantee that
they will not break your system.

Also, you can also access the instructions from here:


On Tue, Apr 11, 2017 at 7:41 PM, Okash Khawaja <okash.khawaja at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Here are the steps in detail. Before starting this, please download
> following two files that I have shared:
>  - speakup.tgz:
>  - tty-export.patch:
> 1. Download Linux kernel code:
> a. download stable kernel source from
> b. extract the archive by running: tar xvfJ linux-4.10.9.tar.xz
> 2. Apply patches:
> a. cd into the extracted linux source code: cd linux-4.10.9
> b. remove speakup directory: rm -r drivers/staging/speakup
> c. copy the speakup.tgz file into drivers/staging: cp
> path/to/speakup.tgz drivers/staging/
> d. cd into staging directory: cd drivers/staging
> e. extractspeakup.tgz: tar xvfz speakup.tgz
> (now there should be a speakup directory inside drivers/staging)
> f. cd back to the root of kernel source (i.e. linux-4.10.9) : cd ../..
> g. apply the tty patch: patch -p1 < path/to/tty-export.patch
> (output of above should be following three lines:
> patching file drivers/tty/tty_io.c
> patching file drivers/tty/tty_port.c
> patching file include/linux/tty.h)
> (if you don't already have 'patch' program then you can download it
> from
> h. now we have the code ready for configuring and compiling!
> 3. Configure:
> a. make sure you are inside kernel source root directory, i.e. linux-4.10.9
> b. make sure that existing kernel config exists: ls /boot/config-$(uname -r)
> (this should return just one file named config-<your-kernel-version>)
> c. copy that file into your kernel source root directory: cp
> /boot/config-$(uname -r) ./.config
> d. update the config: make oldconfig
> (this will ask you many questions. just select the default option for
> each by pressing enter)
> e. check to make sure that speakup is configured the way you wanted
> it: cat .config | grep SPEAKUP
> e. that's it, kernel configured!
> 4. Compile and install:
> (IMPORTANT: for this please check an online guide specific for your distro.
>  following instructions that i think should work on Debian based
> system. but it may
> a. still stayin inside linux-4.10.9, compile by simply running: make
> (this will take a while. depending on the hardware specs, it may take
> an hour or may be more)
> b. after make completes, check it succeeded: echo $?
> (this should return zero)
> c. now run: sudo make modules_install
> (again this may take a little while)
> d. now install kernel which should be quick: sudo make install
> (NOTE: this means that on next reboot your newly compiled kernel will load)
> (Depending on your distro, it should back up previous kernel)
> 5. Reboot and test decext:
> a. now running reboot should boot the compiled kernel
> b. if speakup configuration was same as before, then you should be
> able to test it with decext the same way as before.
> Thanks!
> Okash
> On Tue, Apr 11, 2017 at 7:52 AM, Okash Khawaja <okash.khawaja at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> As part of recent changes, there are some that affect DecTalk External
>> which uses speakup_decext.ko. If someone can help in making sure those
>> changes are okay, do give a shout.
>> Cheers!
>> Okash

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