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I'm all for security, but only within reason. I've yet to hear a
reasonable use case that explains why system wide pulseaudio is

The only use case I've ever come across from the pulse people, and I
have pushed on this quite hard from time to time, says that you don't
want to enable someone to surreptitiously enable a colleague, or a
spouse's microphone. In other words, the pulse people don't want to be
associated with corporate or matrimonial spying.

So, those interested in spying of this type will have to continue to
focus on Alexa, or iphone, or Android, I suppose!

What a pile of <expletive deleted>.


Chris Brannon writes:
> Yes, you can run Speakup through a bluetooth headset.  As I said earlier
> in the thread, bluez-alsa is a dead-end.  I finally had to make my peace
> with pulseaudio over the last couple days.  In order to use it with one
> of the Speakup softsynth options, you must run pulse in system mode.
> The pulse developers strongly discourage this.  One of their biggest
> reasons is security concerns in a multiuser setup.  Frankly, I could
> care less, because the machines in my house are just used by me or my
> partner.  It's not like we're in a corporate environment.  Getting pulse
> to run in system mode took a bit of work.  Since it is so frowned upon,
> the documentation for doing it is pretty minimal.  And my distro didn't
> seem to have many helpful resources.  Tomorrow, when I'm thinking more
> clearly, I'll try and document all of the steps I took to get it to
> work.
> So to all of the people (including me) who said that speakup / espeakup
> don't play nicely together, that's only partially correct.  If you're
> willing to run in system mode and go against the recommendations of the
> pulse people, they play quite nicely together indeed.
> -- Chris
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