Arch & UEFI [Was: Bug on missing staging modules rpm]

Janina Sajka janina at
Sat Jul 23 18:18:47 EDT 2016

Hi, Chris:

Mine is an Asrock Z77Pro4 mobo. This machine is vintage 2013. My
requirements at the time included 3 PCI slots, and a mobo with that many
wasn't easy to find. Nowadays I only use two! <sigh>

I'm going to be more careful with the next mobo. I'm not going to assume
just because they have UEFI, they've done a good implementation. But
then, I should also upgrade my firmware, as it's stock as shipped, and
quite out of date.

In most respects it's been a good board. It was Bill Acker's favorite
build machine.


Chris Brannon writes:
> Janina Sajka <janina at> writes:
> > Just last night I finally got my system booting successfully. It turns
> > out that swapping usb sticks on this particular board could cause the
> > UEFI boot order settings to get shuffled.
> Just out of curiosity, what kind of mobo do you have?
> Mine is an Asus F1A55-M.
> I had a similar problem a while back, and I posted to the list
> about it.  At some point, my UEFI boot settings got shuffled, and the
> board now always boots all of my rescue media in legacy mode.
> efibootmgr won't work, and none of the EFI variables are available.
> I didn't mention it earlier in this thread, because it looked like
> efibootmgr and friends were working for you.
> I suspect if I ever need to do anything with EFI while rescuing a
> system, I'm going to have to get a sighted person over here with a
> monitor to fix my settings.
> EFI has been a bit of a source of pain and frustration for me.
> It's really too bad that the computer makers went off and did their own
> thing here, rather than adopting something open like Coreboot.  I
> suspect that Coreboot could actually be made to talk, and we could
> have had accessibility at the firmware level.  Oh well, whatever.
> Another day, another disappointment.
> -- Chris
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