espeakup release coming soon

Mark Peveto southernprince73 at
Thu Jul 21 11:00:15 EDT 2016

I've got the patch saved in my home directory.  I have the current version of espeakup installed, but not the current version of espeak.  What, if
anything, do I need to do with the patch at this point?  How do I run it?  Would updating to the current espeak be advisable?  I'm assuming so, but I
don't wanna just assume.

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On Thu, 21 Jul 2016, Samuel Thibault wrote:

> Hello,
> currently espeakup uses daemon() to do the daemonizing stuff.
> Unfortunately, daemon() does things not very appropriately, and there
> is notably a delay between the parent exit()ing and the child writing
> the pid file. The attached patch reimplements it properly, espeakup then
> notably plays much more nicely with systemd.
> Samuel

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