espeakup release coming soon

Chris Brannon chris at
Wed Jul 20 20:07:26 EDT 2016

Samuel Thibault <samuel.thibault at> writes:

> currently espeakup uses daemon() to do the daemonizing stuff.
> Unfortunately, daemon() does things not very appropriately, and there
> is notably a delay between the parent exit()ing and the child writing
> the pid file.

Why not just use the -d option when starting espeakup?
This causes it to stay in the foreground.  No pid file is written, etc.
The long option name is --debug.  I'd argue that that is a bit of a
misnomer, since all it really does is cause espeakup to stay in the
foreground.  Maybe it should have been called --dontfork instead.
I thought systemd preferred non-forking daemons?
Anyway, -d is what I use to run espeakup under runit, and it has worked
well in practice for over a year.

-- Chris

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