A little OT: Installing LightDm

Rob captinlogic at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 22:19:51 EST 2016

So I have been working with the Linux from Scratch project, and this weekend I decided to try and build a desktop--probably eitehr mate or XFCE. I want to use Lightdm as my display manager, but I can't find a list of its dependencies. Everywhere I look talks about just installing the lightdm package from the repository of whatever distro you have. I did find the source code, but there isn't even a readme file in it.
I guess, technically, I could log into my debian system and do apt-cache show lightdm, but then I'd have to reset up my build environment in lfs all over again.
So, anybody here know lightdm dependencies?  I've got X installed already, obviously, but what other external libs do I need.

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