What is the Current State of Speakup in Raspbian

Martin McCormick martin.m at suddenlink.net
Sat Jan 30 09:11:18 EST 2016

	Is there a non-orca version of Raspbian one can use to
get a command-line shell going that also talks?

	I may have to use a Raspberry Pi at some time soon to
give a presentation about the unix command line and something
like that would be very useful.

	I'm not scared of orca, but the Raspberry Pi is best when
it doesn't have to do too much at once.

	I am utterly amazed that this tiny little box the size of
a deck of playing cards has more horse power in it than does the
Dell tower sitting on my table, sending this message. The Pi also
cost about 1/30 of what the Dell did in 1999 or so.


Martin McCormick

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