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Hi all.

Not strictly speakup related, but I thought I'd pass this along for
those who are interested.


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Subject: [DNG] Free Software Foundation (FSF) Vision Survey

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is doing a survey until the end of


The FSF's blog post about it:

A couple quotes from the blog post:

"Taking the first step into our next thirty years, we want to hear your
feedback, your suggestions, and your vision for the future of the FSF."


"The FSF eagerly awaits the results, and we plan to publicly share insights
from them."

End of quotes.

I haven't yet answered the survey myself, since I'm still working on some
rather long replies to it.  But I definitely plan on mentioning my support
for Devuan and my concerns about systemd, among various other things.

I think feedback from people involved with the Devuan project would be very
valuable and worthwhile for the FSF to receive.  And getting attention from
the FSF, or maybe even endorsement by the FSF, could probably also help

I've been quiet on this mailing list for many months, but I'm still here,
and still cheering for you all. :-)

Best wishes,

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