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deedra waters deedra at
Mon Jan 11 00:53:22 EST 2016

So i’m asking this question here in the hopes that someone has an answer. I’m trying to get vlc media player to run on my mac but can’t figure out how to get it to move by folder rather then presenting me with 145000 files….. I can’t even really tell if vlc supports moving by folders because it looks like it just spews a file list onto the screen rather then a folder list I also can’t figure out how to open folders. 

The documentation i’ve found so far seems to treat it from a sited perspective. If anyone has any info to share i’d appreciate it.

Sorry to ask here but asking on the mac mailing list is pointless since they combine osx and ios support:P and no i wont ask there:P

deedra waters
deedra at

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