mail server setup

Tony Baechler tony at
Thu Jan 7 05:21:31 EST 2016

On 1/6/2016 11:49 AM, Juan Hernandez wrote:
> I wanted to know what you guys recommended for setups?
> I need webmail, imap, virtual domains, spam/antivirus protection, etc.

If you're running Debian or Ubuntu, I recommend I-MSCP.  It's a web-based 
control panel which lets you add mail users, manage domains, etc similar to 
a web hosting company.  We're hosting several domains with lots of email 
addresses and never had a problem.  The installer is very accessible.  The 
web interface leaves a little to be desired, but works fine in Firefox and 
Lynx.  It uses Postfix and automatically downloads and installs packages, so 
it's best ran on a minimal system.  The control panel is isolated from 
Apache, so if your web server goes down, your control panel should stay up. 
  You can customize some aspects of what it installs. 
There is also Virtualmin which is part of Webmin, but I don't recommend it. 
  Webmin lets you customize most major mail servers with a web-based 
configuration, but I think it has too much bloat and isn't as accessible. 
Virtualmin is similar to a control panel, but again, much harder to use and 
less accessible.  Having used Postfix, Exim and 
Qmail, I like Postfix and Qmail best.  I found Exim harder to configure, but 
the Debian packages automate much of it for you.

> I was reading a site, and I came across citadel groupware and liked its features.  Have any of you ever set it up?

Yes and I don't recommend it.  It's not at all accessible with Lynx.  I 
don't remember if I tried it in Firefox, but I remember it was too 
complicated and I didn't like it.  If you want a similar feature set which 
is very accessible, try Synchronet.  It was a dial-up BBS package as was 
Citadel, but is now telnet and web-based.  It's natively built for Windows 
but runs on Linux and FreeBSD.

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