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On 1/6/2016 3:33 PM, MichaƂ Zegan wrote:
> Exim is another nice, more powerful and more complicated
> alternative to postfix, and does not need amavis for both
> spam/antivirus, although it uses spamassassin/clamav normally. It
> can also interface with dovecot.

I don't know if I'd say more powerful. I have yet to find something
Postfix can't do and it follows the unix-like philosophy to chain
tools together that are good at their own tasks, thus spamassassin,
clamav, etc. When I used exim it seemed overly complex; I achieved the
same setup with much greater ease with Postfix. There's also Sendmail
on FreeBSD (which I think Juan is using), but that's really messy and
not super flexable. I want to try out OpenBSD's OpenSMTPD, but I have
yet to have the time.

> W dniu 06.01.2016 o 21:08, John G Heim pisze:
>> Yeah, Tyler's list is pretty much the standard.
>> 1.  postfix for smtp 2. dovecot for imap 3. spamassassin, amavis
>> and clamav for spam and virus filtering I am not sure there is as
>> much of a standard choice for web mail. We use something called
>> horde. It is really fully featured but it took me a heckuva long
>> time to set up originally.
>> On 01/06/2016 01:53 PM, Littlefield, Tyler wrote:
> Hey! On 1/6/2016 2:49 PM, Juan Hernandez wrote:
>>>>> Hi All,
>>>>> I wanted to setup my own mail server for my domains.
> This is a really nice idea, but it can take a lot of work.
>>>>> I wanted to know what you guys recommended for setups?
>>>>> I need webmail, imap, virtual domains, spam/antivirus
>>>>> protection, etc.
> I use postfix for the MTA, it uses dovecot for SASL. I use
> amavis-new to check inbound and outbound mails for spam/antivirus
> and that uses clamavd and spamassassin. For webmail, you could use
> squirrel mail or roundcube (not sure of how accessible the latter
> is).
>>>>> I was reading a site, and I came across citadel groupware
>>>>> and liked its features.  Have any of you ever set it up?
>>>>> Any advise will be greatly appreciated.
>>>>> Best,
>>>>> Juan
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