Installing Debian Jessie under Uefi; installer does not speak

Steve Matzura sm at
Sat Jan 2 10:51:47 EST 2016

On Thu, 31 Dec 2015 14:01:58 -0600, "Glenn" <glennervin at>

>I just got a new computer with UEFI, and I used sighted assistance to 
>disable it in the BIOS, and to activate legacy boot.

I'd sure love to know how to do that on this ASRock motherboard I
bought used from a friend.

>Also, if you want to change the boot order, such as setting the SATA drive 
>as the last option, you can do that at this time, and with some systems, it 
>will not show other options unless you have them plugged in at this time.
>For example, I did not have the SD boot option until I went into boot 
>settings in BIOS with the SD card plugged in.

Yes, that's what's going on with this ASRock board. In fact, the
option for booting from it even shows the specific drive name and
type, and the specific USB port to which it is connected.

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