GRML and Speakup

Steve Matzura sm at
Fri Oct 2 09:31:02 EDT 2015


On Mon, 28 Sep 2015 22:20:21 -0400, you wrote:

>The instructions you saw are out of date.  What you do is at the tone
>that you hear after booting from the cd, just hit enter and wait for
>another beep.  Now just hit return and you will be at a root  prompt
>with no speech.  Now type modprobe speakup_soft and hit enter and then
>type espeakup. 

Some enterprising soul should come up with the mods which will do this
automatically. Try as I might, I absolutely could not hear the
internal speaker beep on either of the two systems I tried this on.
Turns out, the speaker itself is buried deep, and I mean really deep,
in the case, covered up by lots of other components. Therefore, having
grml come up talking would be, to say the least, most efficacious.

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