Looking for accessible web host and domain registration

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Fri Jun 26 14:07:01 EDT 2015

Linode is the best, by far.

Tony Baechler writes:
> On 5/12/2015 5:13 AM, Jason White wrote:
> > My DNS records, Internet telephony system, mail server and Web server
> > are all on a virtual machine hosted by http://www.linode.com/ which
> > offers a choice of Linux distribution. In addition to having root
> > access to the virtual machine over ssh, you can manage it over an ssh
> > connection, for example to reboot it, check its status, access the
> > console when networking isn't functional, etc.
> Hi,
> Yes, I know about dedicated and virtual servers.  I'm now with Hetzner and
> they so far have the best deal and offer the most features.
> <http://www.hetzner.com/>  I found them cheaper than anyone else and I
> looked at all of the major server companies I could find.  Their robot
> isn't accessible at all in a text browser but works fine in Firefox.  If
> you don't mind a bit of programming, their robot has an API which of
> course can be accessed with curl from the command line.  I was
> specifically asking about web hosts because most people don't want or need
> a full server solution and it's a pain to set up a server just for basic
> web sites and email.
> With that said, I would be very interested in your telephony setup.  I've
> been thinking about setting up Asterisk, but I have no experience with it
> and I'm worried about bandwidth costs.  Hetzner gives at least 20 TB per
> server, but with the other sites already on the server, I don't want to go
> over my bandwidth limit.  How much bandwidth do you use in VoIP calls per
> month?  You can write off list if you want.
> Thanks very much.
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