Using Nano?

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Wed Jun 24 10:32:08 EDT 2015

No debian never had the learn package which is why I suggested what I 
suggested.  You ought to read what I write more carefully before 
criticizing it.  In order to send email odds are especially with new 
Linux users he is using an internet service provider as an email 
platform.  When the connection gets made to that provider, usually 
speakup will tell people what operating system is used on that internet 
service provider.  If Debian were being used by the internet service 
provider, your question might have some relevance as is I don't know 
what the internet service provider uses yet.

On Wed, 24 Jun 2015, Tony Baechler wrote:

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> He just installed Debian and has no clue what the heck you're talking about.
> Please at least try to be gentle with him since he probably doesn't even
> know how to install packages yet.  Does Debian even have the learn package?
> I've never seen it.
> On 6/23/2015 8:41 PM, Jude DaShiell wrote:
>> ex <enter.
>> If the file is empty type $a at the colon prompt followed by enter. Then do
>> your typing.  To end append put a period character at the colon prompt
>> followed by enter.  That's the ex editor and is pretty easy to learn.  If
>> your isp has bad installed you could try running the learn utility on that
>> provider.  There are prerequisite lessons to go through these are computer
>> assisted instruction and no inaccessible html since that utility was written
>> before html was written.  If the utility is not installed and your provider
>> runs bsd, you might ask them to install the learn utility.  The learn
>> utility has a very good set of lessons to get you going with ex.
>> On Tue, 23 Jun 2015, Brandon Keith Biggs wrote:
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>>> Subject: Using Nano?
>>> Hello,
>>> Is there a way to root the editing cursor to the review cursor when one is
>>> in Nano?
>>> Is there also a way to open up a text editor while one is on the commandline?
>>> How does one normally edit scripts?
>>> thank you,
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