mounting iphone/ipod/ipad from command line in linux

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Sun Jun 14 09:43:21 EDT 2015

It is supposed to do usb mount of Apple devices running as root with 
udevadmin --monitor before plugging device into the usb port.  I haven't 
tried this yet though.

On Tue, 12 May 2015, ?yvind Lode wrote:

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> Subject: Re: mounting iphone/ipod/ipad from command line in linux
> Hmm, Apple iDevices have never appeared as a usb device.
> I have only tried it on Windows though.
> Last time I connected a iPhone to my computer I could only get access to 
> the picture stream but not the rest of the filesystem.
> I don't have any iDevices now since I've moved over to Android-land.
> My Android appears as a usb device on Windows but I've yet to try it on 
> Linux.
> On 12.05.2015 10:28, Willem van der Walt wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I do not have one of these devices, but am working on a product where
>> people might want to mount their iWhatevers using command line tools.
>> i now have an IPod for testing.
>> It gets mounted as a normal uSB storage device and seem to work, but
>> there are a number of packages for using the Apple stuff under command
>> line linux.
>> e.g. libimobiledevice-utils.
>> There also is a script which uses gvfs-mount to mount
>> the iphone.
>> It tells me that the device, refered to by its serial number, is already
>> mounted if I boot the machine with the iPod plugged in.
>> If I plug it in while the machine is running, I can use the script to
>> mount as root.  It then says the device is mounted, but not where.
>> According to the instructions that goes with the script, one should find
>> the name of the device under a directory in $HOME called .gvfs.  I do
>> not have such a directory after the mount.
>> Is any of you doing what I am trying to do?
>> Should I bother, or will all Apple devices be seen as a USB storage
>> device and be mounted without these other scripts?
>> TIA, Willem
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