Kali Linux

Doug Smith savant-technopath at cyber-wizard.com
Tue Apr 28 23:06:47 EDT 2015

I have installed it.  I don't have one going right here right now, but 
it is easy to get installed and up and running.

You're right.  The installer is totally accessible with speakup and the 
install process goes well.  You can't boot in until the installer 
finishes and the system reboots on its own.

With regard to getting into the new system, it is a little tricky. 
They're using gnome 3.4 until the next version releases, any time in the 
next little while.  After this, the distribution will be based on debian 
jessie which will contain gnome 3.14 and there should not be as many 
accessibility issues.

On my sonar install, gnome 3.14 worked fine, but 3.16 is even better.  
We use orca exclusively over here with sonar, but it should not be hard 
to get that up and running.

Hope this helps.

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