using xvfb instead of a gui display

Tom Fowle wa6ivgtf at
Mon Apr 20 22:00:39 EDT 2015

thanks for the detailed reply. I'll look into both browsers a bit will
to familiarize self with git as havn't needed it yet with debian.

Wish my python was up to helping but not yet, I followed along with my
through a coursera intro to python for 'informatics" class and did O.K.
they got to dictionaries and "tupples" whereupon the old greyware
started to
melt! <GRIN> My programming head kind of stopped at the assembly
embedded systems stuff back in the 8051 days.

May subscribe to the wb list and see if I understand any of it.

At least I strongly believe in what you are doing and will help if
I can do.

Thanks again
  Tom Fowle
  wa6ivgtf at

On Mon, Apr 20, 2015, at 06:26 PM, Kirk Reiser wrote:
> Hello Tom: Both wb and clifox are text based browsers that try to
> support javascript and ajax. Clifox is based around xvfb and
> firefox/iceweasel etc. Wb is strictly text based. They both are
> written in python. Wb uses pyv8 to interface to v8 which is googles
> javascript interpreter. They are both very rough in that there are
> many browser features that are not implemented yet such as bookmarks
> and file downloading. I would say that clifox is more advanced because
> it uses mostly features built into firefox so plays youtube videos etc
> quite decently.
> As far as I know there are only a few people that use either of these
> browsers. I use them everyday but my web page needs are quite simple
> and I use elinks for most my browsing where I need to be able to
> download files and mark pages. I keep telling myself I need to work on
> them more diligently but the fact is that without more people helping
> and interested in them I find other things to occupy my time.
> You can find wb at: git clone
> u can find clifox at: git clone
> The documentation is also pretty rough. There are installation scripts
> for both but I'm not sure you really need the one for clifox if you do
> a git checkout new after cloning. You just need to install your
> distributions xvfb and firefox equivolent packages. In debian that is
> iceweasel. I'm not sure what it is in other distros. Once those are
> installed I think you may be able to just run the 'run' script. Wb is
> much more involved to get set-up and running because it depends on a
> bunch of other python packages.
> There is a mailing list which is extremely low traffic that can be
> joined by sending mail to wb-subscribe at We use the
> same list for both programs.
> If you have any other questions just let me know. I apologize for the
> delay in responding but I needed to wait until I could take the time
> to answer in some detail.
> On Thu, 16 Apr 2015, Tom Fowle wrote:
> > Hi Kirk ET all,
> > could someone provide a brief explanation for a not-really programmer
> > about
> > WB and CLIFOX
> > and/or where to find such info?
> >
> > I too would be thrilled with a command line browser with java
> > I just ain't got it to learn orca and gnome GUI's are forced upon us,
> > not
> > desired!
> >
> >  Tom Fowle
> >  wa6ivgtf at
> >
> >
> > On Thu, Apr 16, 2015, at 11:55 AM, Kirk Reiser wrote:
> >> On Thu, 16 Apr 2015, Hart Larry wrote:
> >> 
> >> > to get used to Orca. But also, there is a "wb" project, which I would love to 
> >> > install, however, another LUG member was not happy that you need to install 
> >> > as 
> >> > root. Also he says it doesn't use auto tools, so exactly what are easy steps 
> >> > of 
> >> > installing "wb"? Thanks in advance
> >> > Hart
> >> 
> >> Although you do need to install some of the base packages such as with
> >> xvfb and iceweasel for clifox or dependancy packages for python with
> >> pip or easyinstall, you don't need to be root to run either wb or
> >> clifox. In that fashion they are exactly the same as all other
> >> packages. For one that is savvy wb can be totally installed and run as
> >> a regular user but you need to install all the packages and compile as
> >> a normal user.
> >> 
> >> At this stage they are not really at the point where one can just
> >> install with aptitude or apt-get and go. In fact, unless more
> >> developers get interested and involved they'll never be at that level.
> >>
> >>    Kirk
> >> 
> >> 
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