Booting Into Arch for Installation

Edgar Lozano 1419goku at
Sun Apr 19 14:31:03 EDT 2015

Hello All,

I've enjoyed using different variants of Linux. However, I decided to
jump into using Arch for full customization purposes. The concept of
installing whatever you want and whenever you want is very appealing
to me. I find myself stumbling though getting the simplest of tasks
done. That is, getting Arch to boot properly on an old Netbook with
1Gb of RAM. during the boot prompt, it gives me an error that reads
something like the following, "not a COM32R image." Has anyone faced
such an issue before? I even tried the TalkingArch image, and it gave
me the same error. any feedback on this topic would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Thanks for reading.
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