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John G Heim jheim at
Thu Apr 16 16:27:12 EDT 2015

You don't need the patch/klooge to get software speech working. If you 
are in communication with the slackware developers, you might consider 
suggesting they do what debian chose to do which is to enable software 

I doubt that my patch/klooge has anything to do with the problem 
unloading the speakup modules other than that it's impossible to load 
some of them in the first place without my patch.  I am not 100% certain 
of this but what I think is going on with the kernel developers is that 
they don't want you to write directly to the serial port. So they put a 
function call in to check if the port is available -- but it's never 
available because they don't want you to write to it. All my patch does 
is to remove the error return code after the test fails.

I sure wish I was rich enough to retire. I'd work on this stuff full time.

On 04/16/2015 02:51 PM, Jude DaShiell wrote:
> slackware isn't talking yet.  That may change though since Patrick
> Volkerding found out all the hardware synthesizers that were able to
> have slackware talking have been disabled by a block the linux kernel
> folks put in the kernels.  Patrick is considering putting the whole
> espeakup dependency stack on slackware install disks as a result of the
> breakage. Patrick tried the patch supplied by John Heim here on speakup
> and found that it works but if espeakup module is ever removed it
> results in a kernel panic and a system crash.
> Gentoo does talk, but to the best of my knowledge nobody has done a
> podcast episode explaining how to use the speakup facilities to gentoo
> installed in such a way that gentoo comes up talking on first reboot
> after system installation is complete.  If I can get that podcast
> episode, I'll be installing gentoo here on at least one large hard disk
> I have.
> -- Twitter: JudeDaShiell
> On Wed, 15 Apr 2015, Techswing33 wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Adding to this I'm using arch Linux in a VMware virtual environment,
>> workstation11, and talking arch does not work in this setup. I'm
>> suspecting it has something to do with the hdaudio driver emulating a
>> 7.1 surround as opposed to the older es1371, but I have not found a
>> fix.
>> Unrelated, but if either Gentoo or slackware are talking I'd like to
>> know about them.
>> Thanks.
>> Dave.
>> On 4/15/15, Joseph C. Lininger <devnull-speakup at> wrote:
>>> Thanks guys. As a corelary, if any assistance is needed in maintaining
>>> this installation media or anything, I would be happy to help. My
>>> experience is mostly with Gentoo, Slackware, and currently picking up
>>> Arch Linux.
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