Talking Arch Linux Installer

Joseph C. Lininger devnull-speakup at
Wed Apr 15 07:06:35 EDT 2015

Gentoo's standard install CD talks. You just have to pass it the right 
boot parameters. Specifically, what you want is speakup.synth=soft for 
software speach. So you'd enter something like this:

gentoo speakup.synth=soft

You can, of course, add other boot parameters like dossh to activate 
ssh. You can also substitute gentoo with gentoo-nofb if you don't want 
the framebuffer console.

As for Slackware, I don't know how it works now. They used to have a 
speakup kernel you had to use during the install. I created a custom 
installation disc that had speakup in all kernels. That was years ago 
though, and I have sense stopped distributing it. I don't know what 
modern slackware does, but it should be easy enough to find out.

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