Talking Arch Linux Installer

Techswing33 techswing33 at
Wed Apr 15 04:11:01 EDT 2015


Adding to this I'm using arch Linux in a VMware virtual environment,
workstation11, and talking arch does not work in this setup. I'm
suspecting it has something to do with the hdaudio driver emulating a
7.1 surround as opposed to the older es1371, but I have not found a

Unrelated, but if either Gentoo or slackware are talking I'd like to
know about them.


On 4/15/15, Joseph C. Lininger <devnull-speakup at> wrote:
> Thanks guys. As a corelary, if any assistance is needed in maintaining
> this installation media or anything, I would be happy to help. My
> experience is mostly with Gentoo, Slackware, and currently picking up
> Arch Linux.
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