Accessible Live CD's?

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I think that if you have a machine without a sound card, the USB headset 
will be thedefault sound device. But if the machine does have  a sound 
card, it will be the default sound device. You'd have to change that 
somehow to get speeach through the USB headset. But it's not all that 
bad. Instead of trying to fiddle with the default sound device, all you 
need is a headset that you can plug into the soundcard. In a pinch, I 
use the one from my iPod.

On 03/10/14 21:58, acollins at wrote:
> grml should play nicely with a usb head set, but you will have to adjust
> the volume after you get booted up, it defaults to very low settings.
> You could just plug in a standard headset.
>> Will GRML play nicely with a USB headset, or am I going to have to dig up
>> some spare PC speakers?
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>> Hello James.  There quite a few actually.  grml has a live cd, and so does
>> debian.  my suggestion is to google for "live cd" and pick the one you think
>> works best.Gene Collins
>>> I'm wondering what's out there these days as far as accessible live
>>> CD's goes. I need to be able to gain FTP access to a system but don't
>>> plan to actually install Linux on that system. If it supports software
>>> speech, that would be perfect. Is there such a thing as a live CD
>>> that'll do the trick, or is it wishful thinking on my part? Any help
>>> would be more than appreciated.
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