How to stop SpeakUp saying 'Capital'

Mike Ray mike at
Sun Mar 9 10:33:20 EDT 2014

I think this might be espeak that is doing this rather than either 
speech-dispatcher or SpeakUp.

On 09/03/2014 14:02, Mike Ray wrote:
> Hello.
> I have managed finally to get speech-dispatcher and speechd-up running 
> on a Raspberry Pi and with some tweaks to the eSpeak source code for 
> latency, to stop it stuttering and occasionally crashing the kernel.
> But at the moment when sd starts SpeakUp is saying 'capital' for every 
> capital letter it finds.
> I have:
> DefaultCapLetRecognition "none"
> In my speechd.conf but this doesn't work.
> How do I set this off in the SpeakUp configuration?
> Mike

Michael A. Ray
Witley, Surrey, South-east UK

The box said: 'install Windows XP, 7 or better'. So I installed Linux

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