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John G. Heim jheim at math.wisc.edu
Fri Mar 7 09:19:34 EST 2014

I think the  classic fix for this probme is to recompile espeak to use 
pulseaudio.  Here is a link to a bug report explaining (sort of) what to 

I think we had a discussion of this point back in November of 2013 but i 
can't find the thread on google. I am still running debian squeeze on my 
every day work machine and all my other machines now use sonar linux. So 
I haven't tried to get speakup and orca to play nice for several months. 
But I know I got speakup and orca to work in wheezy by following the 
advice on that bug report. The real problem was that the version of orca 
in debian wheezy didn't work.

Speakup does work with software speech in sonar linux.

On 03/06/14 19:42, Jason White wrote:
> Kyle <kyle4jesus at gmail.com> wrote:
>> GNOME depends on Pulseaudio. You can manually break Pulseaudio so that
>> it doesn't work correctly, usually by symlinking /bin/true, but that can
>> cause problems when packages are updated.
> If I remember correctly, there's a package that allows Speakup to use
> Speech Dispatcher, which in turn works well with PulseAudio.
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