RSS Readers with Feed Wrangler

Steve Holmes steve at
Sun Feb 23 03:31:54 EST 2014

Does anyone know of a good RSS reader for the Linux console that uses
services like Feed Wrangler? I know Read Kit on the Mac and Unread for
the iPhone do this. I just thought it would be nice if we had
something I could use on Linux to read these same RSS feeds. I have
used SnowNews in the past to read RSS but I think it only uses local
feeds; that is, feeds built on your computer. The thing I like about
Feed Wrangler is the statuses of my various feeds is all maintained on
their server and therefore will reflect in all my readers like IMAP
mail does across different devices.

Any ideas? I could modify SnowNews perhaps but I would have to learn
how to muck with the Feed Wrangler API probably.

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