Speakup available? (wasRE: patched debian kernels)

Albert Sten-Clanton albert.e.sten_clanton at verizon.net
Sat Feb 15 11:45:42 EST 2014

First, thanks to John for the kernel patch.  Whether I get to use it or not,
I do appreciate it.

Second, I tried this week to use both the Debian live CD (7.2, I think) and
the 32-64-bit install CD, 7.3 if I remember right.  As I understand the
installation guide, I should be able to get speakup, at least on the latter,
by typing the letter s at the boot prompt and hitting ENTER.  It didn't
work.  I tried arrowing to the right option, but that also failed.  I tried
lower and upper case.  I tried with both the live CD and the net-installer

Also, when I allowed the live CD to boot up, I could not get Orca -- at
least, I didn't hear it.  I could reboot or shut down after going to a
console terminal, so I figure the CD is probably working right, but without
speech there didn't seem to be much else useful I could do.

Can anybody tell me what might be going wrong, or what I might be doing
wrong?  If it's a case of muted sound, how would I fix that?  (The usual
amixer command that I use to raise the volume did nothing.) I've so far
found no help with this through Google searches, even though I know there
has been some correspondence about Weezy and Speakup.

I'm using a 64-bit machine.

Thanks for any guidance.


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I've uploaded some patched debian kernels to the IAVIT web site.These
kernels include my fix for the speakup serial hardware speech bug.  For
instructions, point a browser to http://www.iavit.org/~john/debian/.

John G. Heim, 608-263-4189, jheim at math.wisc.edu
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