Accessible image backup and restore program?

Jason White jason at
Sun May 26 19:17:40 EDT 2013

Jayson Smith <ratguy at> wrote:
> What do you recommend for a bootable, accessible backup and restore
> solution? Does whatever you recommend use software speech? 

Grml is my favourite. There are details on the Grml wiki of how to start it
with speech (or braille, but that isn't our topic here). However, changes were
made in recent versions to the accessibility support, hence the information on
the wiki may not be current. I haven't experimented with a recent GRML

Grml provides essentially every recovery tool you are likely to need.

My own solution is somewhat different: I bind mount my partitions in a
directory under /tmp, then use rsync to copy everything over to an external
drive. This is slightly easier than excluding /dev, /proc, /sys etc., and
still gives you the directories in the underlying file system which serve as
the mount points.

I have only Linux partitions to back up as I don't run Windows on any of my

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