Speakup Kernel and Orca

Martin G. McCormick martin at server1.shellworld.net
Sun May 26 14:05:45 EDT 2013

	I discovered that the problems appear to be a little
simpler to describe than I first thought.

	The system has the speakup kernel and it begins talking
as soon as it can during boot. You get to the start of gnome and
speakup stops. A few seconds later, orca gives the "welcome"
prompt and presents a login window which you can use and appears
to work properly. I even gave incorrect information and it

	As soon as I gave it the correct user ID and password,
things were locked up.

	I would be happy if I could keep the speakup kernel but
boot without speakup because I bet orca will then work. If
necessary later, speakupcould be temporarily re-enabled if
needed to provide command-line access.

	I don't want to loose speakup completely, just not start
it on most boot sessions.


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