Talking GDM [Was: Voxin was: Switching to Linux]

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Tue May 14 08:22:20 EDT 2013

According to Cleverson Casarin Uliana:
# I think GDM should not be told to kill speech-dispatcher on terminating,
# as I may want to continue using it at the console, for example with
# speechd-up.

GDM should kill its own speech-dispatcher process rather than
speech-dispatcher processes owned by other users. If you have only a
system-wide speech-dispatcher configuration, it can't kill it, although
if your speech-dispatcher runs system-wide, it shouldn't need to be
killed by GDM in order for the next login prompt to speak. If
speech-dispatcher runs specifically for the gdm user, you can safely
tell it to kill its own speech-dispatcher process. If using something
like killall or pkill to kill speech-dispatcher, it will need to be done
from a GDM script that runs at termination, rather than from the service
responsible for starting and stopping GDM, because pkill and killall
running as user gdm will only kill gdm's processes, whereas the service
responsible for starting and stopping GDM will kill all
speech-dispatcher processes owned by all users.
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