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I use software speech.
The fact that espeak espeakup packages is not on the rescue CD makes it a bit harder.
This means that GRML is better since I only need to press q to exit the GRML menu, then modprobe speakup_soft and then start espeakup.

I have a box running "sid" (unstable) with all the tools I need + software speech at boot.

It would have been cool if I could make my own rescue CD based on this config which also meant the rescue CD booted with speech.

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I have good and bad news.  The good news is that it's possible to have an
official Debian rescue CD and you don't have to build it yourself.  The
bad news is that it doesn't come up talking.  This is something I've been
meaning to work on but didn't get around to it.  It looks like it would be
a simple fix to add speech support to the already existing rescue CD
package set.  I tried Samuel's remaster script, but it didn't work on the
Squeeze rescue CD.  If you need software speech, things are a bit more
complicated as the espeak and espeakup packages aren't on the rescue CD,
so you have to install them by hand or custom build your own.  If you're
using hardware speech, I suggest the Squeeze CD even though Wheezy is now
stable.  Squeeze has the 2.6.32 kernel with working serial support and
ships the Speakup modules.  I used it to set up and fix my server and it
worked great.  Run the following after you boot the CD:

sudo bash
modprobe speakup_ltlk

Optionally, you can set a password with the passwd command and use ssh
instead.  That should work on either Squeeze or Wheezy.  From Wheezy, you
still need to change to the root user, but the following command should work:

aptitude -q install espeak espeakup

You probably have to hit "y" and Enter to install any extra packages.  You
should get speech after that.  All you would have to do if you custom
build is include the above packages in the configuration.  The espeakup
package should add an init script to start itself on boot and load the
speakup_soft module.  For me, I have hardware speech and I found the
Squeeze rescue CD to meet my needs very well.

On 5/13/2013 10:56 PM, � wrote:
> I'm looking for a Debian rescue CD similar to GRML.
> But I would prefer official Debian.
> I found this site:
> Does Debian provide a rescue disc with speech?
> It looks like one can build a customized rescue/live CD from this
> website by clicking "Build" but I guess it won't provide speech...
> I find just pressing "s" at the boot prompt to be very convenient to
> get an accessible install. However, the netinst image with speech does
> not provide the tools I need to do rescueing tasks.
> I'm currently using GRML but as I said I would prefer a official Debian
> rescue environment.
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