Redirecting speakup output

ChuckH chuckh at
Sat May 11 18:35:10 EDT 2013

Difficulty implementing Rynhardt's suggestion, which was:

ALSA_CARD=1 espeakup

When I exported the above environment variable, I saw that it needed
quoting, so I added single quotes:

ALSA_CARD='1 espeakup'

I somehow got it to work, so that screen reader output went to alsa card 1
instead of my default card 0, but found that I could no longer issue output
to that default card. It appears that setting ALSA_CARD implies hw:x,0 and
plughw:x,0 no longer works. That means I lose dmix, and the only sounds I
can play are my screen reader output.

Seems like the solution may require some asound.conf  programming, and I'm
not sure I'm up to that.

There is a speech-dispatcher package for my distro, and after installing it
I saw in the speechd.conf file that an alternative alsa device can be
specified. But I can't seem to locate a speechd-up  connector to use with
speech-dispatcher. Anybody know where I can get a current copy of
speechd-up that works?

Ain't computers fun?


Chuck in Hudson.

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